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Physics, Math, Science, Chemistry



Please sent comments and/or suggestions for improvement to:sales@bearedu.com

Teachers can use our products to help
their students in the classroom. Discounts are available to schools on many of our products when multiple copies or licenses  are purchased. Products developed by BearEdu Technologies can be used over a local area network for PC’s with the Windows’s Operating System. We will work with school districts on a payment schedule that will meet their needs. Schools can purchase via Purchase Order (PO), credit card or check. BearEdu Technologies also has a demo program for our physics program (BearEduPhysics-1) that will provide them with a free copy of the software to use in evaluations. We will consider special requests made by teachers

The main goal of BearEdu Technologies is to assist students in the learning process through the use of animation, examples, and fun projects. For example, in our physics program (BearEduPhysics-1) we focus on animation and motion to help explain the basic principals of physics. We offer numerous examples and solutions to the problems. We have reviewed numerous text books on a first course in physics and we have attempted to follow the most popular topics and subjects in our software. This is done so that the students can use the software in conjunction with their textbook and classroom instruction. On products that we resell, we try to offer software that is both educational and entertaining. These courses are designed to assist students in Junior High School or Middle School, High School,  and basic first courses at a College or University.

We continuously are trying to improve our products and welcome customer feedback. All or our products are 100% guaranteed and will be refunded upon return if the customer is dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever. Click on Quickview to see a demo of BearEduPhysics-1 and screen shots of some of our resell products.

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BearEdu Technologies is a developer and re-seller of Educational software. We mainly focus on educational soft-ware for the sciences (physics, math, biology, science, and chemistry). In  addition, we also have software covering English and Business. These courses  are designed to assist students in Junior High School or Middle School, High  School, and basic first courses in College or University. Although they could be used as ‘stand alone’ courses, the soft-ware developed by BearEdu Technologies  is mainly intended to supplement the student’s school textbooks and to make the learning process simpler and more enjoyable. For a detailed description of

our products, please click on the ‘Products’ tab above or to the left.